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Fidelity-High-End Magazine compares the mambo cable to cables costing ten times more. Following are some excerpts from what Scandinavia’s most respected audio reviewers have to say about the mambo;

Frisk og frekk! Stort rom, strålende innsyn, flott enengasjement

- Håkon Rognlien

En glimrende miks av åpenhet og substans, noe man bare kan oppnå med betydelig hastighet, glimrende oppløsning, uklanderlig dynamikk og et lettflytende og ekstremt finkornet lydbilde. Ikke så ”imponerende” som noen av de andre på enkelte parametre, men ærlig og nøktern. Og helt uten noen egentlig svake sider.

Trond Torgensskar

Detaljert, støyfri og ren, med et stort lydbilde som fyller godt i stua.

Jan Myrvold

VITAL er nøkkelordet som inkluderer gode transienter og flott bass.

-Anders Rossnes

Lyden flyter glatt og uhindret med betydelig hastighet og oppløsning helt uten kanter i lydbildet. Lyden går simpelthen som olja lyn.

-Knut Vadseth

September 2008

The Mambo Ag signal cable is reviewed by Erik Paulsen on Hifisentralen.no


The equipment I’m playing on today includes the Muse Polhymnia CD-Player, CJ-ACT2 pre-amp, Wavac tubemonoblocks and Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento.


What happens when I insert this cable? Expressed in two words, one could say that everything improves. Space expands in all directions. The 3-D feeling is downright unheard of, until now. Voices and instruments suddenly have body and stand forward much clearer. Everything is presented with more dynamics, intimacy and weight. Personally I play a lot of piano music at home and it’s almost shocking how natural the piano sounds now. I have never heard such obvious improvements changing cables. A quick change to other "mass produced” cables of "High-end quality” and all magic is gone. We are not talking subtleties her. I actually hear greater differences here than when changing some source components.


To me it’s all about greater insight in the music. It is now much easier to follow the music, because the presentation is more real. How does it sound then? Neutral? warm? Personally I find musical experiences hard to describe with words. The word "neutral” in hi-fi jargon does not make much sense to me. It does not transmit the feeling as actually intended. Neither do I have an arsenal of cables at hand to make comparisons. Primarily this is about a cable where all parameters are included; natural or real may be the word. Personally I feel it tends to warm, maybe,  in the way there is harmony without anything sticking out. It’s all about the music...plain and simple, you will understand when you try it.


Erik Paulsen

Hifisentralen 5. Sept 2007

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I have owned and used top range cables from companies like Nordost, MIT, Transparent Audio, Crystal Cable etc, even amongst these the Mambo cable is unique. This is my personal experience with the Emm Labs rig and my own Esoteric-rig.


During my 15-16 years in this hobby I have never heard before a more natural presentation of instruments and voices, totally free from distortion and sibilants”.


Endre Askeland

Hifisentralen 17. June 2007

The inventor of this cable has understood something, and achieved something, that few other cable makers are capable of. That is why I believe this cable to be a little sensation on the Norwegian High End sky”.


Endre Askeland

Hifisentralen 25. Sept 2007